Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Newest Addition


Meet our newest furry baby "Bella" she is 7 weeks old. She is a Mal-Shi (Maltese Shituze)
Last week I spent endless hours training her to go outside and she has really consumed alot of my time. This week up until today had been pretty much the same until... I had to get after her and she got mad at me and now I'm having a hard time with her cuz she ignores me and I can't seem to make her want to go outside. She wants to go but to prove her point she ignores me and the fact that she needs to go outside. Wow! I can't believe this tiny puppy has such an attitude. We've never had an inside dog so we are working super hard in training her. All suggestions welcomed. My family and I have all been sick with a cold and Bella is not helping me..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

My daughter wants a "Pinkalicious" party and I am needing help... This is the cover page of the book she loves to read. I want to incorporate this theme into her party and I'm needing ideas. I would appreciate everyone's help.

Thank you card

Thank You Card

This Thank you card is the second gate card I create. I had this cute SU owl stamp and thank you stamp and I thought I'd pair them up and create a cute yet simple card.

The cardstock used are SU scraps I had. I also stamped the owl on the side of an enevelope to create a cute matching envelope. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I've been busy getting back into the swing of things with school being back in session. This is my daughter's first week back and it's been a very tiring week. I apologize for not posting... but as soon as my life gets back in order in the next couple of days I will be back to post. Wishing everyone a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Because Card

A friend of mine recently had surgery and I created this card to send her. It's a gate fold card and used a SU flowers stamp and My Pink Stamper's sentiment stamps.

RAK Gift from Lynne Kirsch

Good Morning,

I would like to thank my wonderful talented friend Lynne for her beautiful gift she sent me. The inside of the shoe was filled with mints but my daughter ate them.

Lynne, thank you so much and it was my pleasure getting to meet you.